Grand strong muscular man with a little...

tiny head struts into a bar and asks for a drink. The bartender begins mixing the drink while strangely observing the muscular shaped man who appears to have a very little shrunken head. As the bartender begins to serve Grand his drink says,

'Excuse me sir I don't mean to be rude or anything like that but ive gotta ask you and am quite curious to find out how a man with such a tiny little head as is yours, could ever manage to have such a big muscular and outstanding physique ?"
" Well it's like this you see, one day as I was strolling thru the park on my way back from work i was suddenly approached by a ugly green slimy frog who from out of no where began speaking to me in a sweet feminine voice. It told me that she was actually a beautiful princess who had accidentally been turned into an ugly nasty frog by a wicked witch who hated her for being so beautiful and more so had been seeking revenge. She said that in order for her to be turned back into the beautiful princess she would first have to receive a kiss from a handsome man."
"So proceeded to kiss her and the next thing you know "BAM" right before me stood this tall sexy blue eyed woman named Sarah whom with out hesitation granted me 3 wishes as a gratitude for my kindness."
"she looked into my eyes and said, tell me what you would like me to grant you as your 1St Wish."

" So I looked at her and said, how about a body like Arnold Schwarzennegger? the next thing I knew, Bam!!! I had this great muscular physique."

" Then she asked me for my second wish and since she was so hot I quickly turned to her and said, I wish to have sex with you for a total of 3days and 3nights non stop. the princess pulled out her little wond Bam!!! we did it like jack rabbits for 3days and 3nights"

The bartender who was still puzzled by the mans story looked over at him and said," ok so that would explain your great physique and all but it still doesn't explain why your head is so small."

" Well after having sex for 3 days and 3 nights we were both laying out in the middle of the park completely butt naked when the beautiful princess turned over to me again and asked me what i wanted for my 3rd and final wish"
" I looked in to her blue beautiful eyes and said to her, Ok, well how about a little head?"


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