Employee needed


A lazy bugger
Your eyebrows are too close together
Woman of child-bearing age (esp. if blond, blue-eyed etc. - banned by the missus)
Male under forty (banned by me)
Ethnic minority with less than 5 generations based in Northern part of UK
Member of a religion that insists on prayer when you should be working
Lesbian (on the grounds that it reduces the odds while gay men improve them so are acceptable)
Speak with an unusual (i.e. not Northern) accent
Are without sin (can't be trusted and boring)
Believe rules should be followed slavishly
Demand a Risk Assessment before doing anything
Think committees make decisions, they don't, I do
I don't like you, the missus doesn't like you, the dog doesn't like you (any one of these)

Otherwise you are most welcome and, if you're really good, we might pay handsomely (but not as much as benefits or the minimum wage, obviously)!

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